Best Buy- Making an exception

What happens when Circuit city closes and Best Buy has no competition. Wetmore Location Tucson AZ. Most incompetent manager and staff ever.

On my last visit, it took a store that had more staff on the floor than customers in the store, more than an hour to get to me., I had to get rude just to get that attention.

A year ago, we bought a Sony TV and got a play station as a package deal. The play station was free. We bought the extended Geek Squad warranty. It’s deceptively branded as “black tie service.”
I asked the salesman point blank, so if this TV fails in the next two years and is a lemon, geek squad will come out and take the old one off the wall and replace it? Service is included? He said, “Oh Yes” and proceeded to tell me what has turned out to be one long string of lies. In my opinion and based on my experience thus far and assuming that Best buy trains their staff, they are training their staff to lie to us.

Here’s the short version. Within a few weeks the TV fries, we call GEEK squad, first call takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. By the way, I already had a heavy duty mount on the wall, and since they were running 5 days behind, I hired a truck and two guys to bring it out. They used this to their advantage.

I was informed on the first call that since geek squad didn’t hang it, they would need me to take the TV on and off the wall for them. “It’s a liability issue” Wow, so let me get this straight, not only do your TV repair men not handle TV’s, you are going to need me to do it for you! So I hired my employee for a couple of hours to run out and help me(three times).

A third party repair person showed up and verified the TV was messed up and then left and ordered the part. Then they came back a couple weeks later and installed a new module. the issue with the TV is that every time the SOny Play Station updates, it freaks out the Sony TV. That’s right, Best Buy was selling incompatible units as a promotion to us suckers.

Flash forward, it’s a year later the TV is a lemon, they agree, they give me a code for another sony TV and tell me to go into the worst managed store on the earth. I stood for 45 minutes in the TV section trying to be polite to the people who where before me. The experience went down hill from there. They won;t deliver the TV because I refuse to pay someone else to take their lemon off the wall again.
I’ve contacted corporate and been escalated and apologized too and assured by and now lied too, by their top people.
Go to New Egg or some other outlet. I stopped buying anything from them years ago, but tried this one last time, lured in by what turned out to be a faulty TV and a salesman full of false statements and warranties that are only partially true., This is what is wrong with American A total lack of integrity and accountability.
My Name is Paul Edwards and geek squad should be called poop squad, and best  buy needs to go.

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  1. John Denny
    John Denny 11 years ago .Reply

    lol, you think thats bad? Try working for Best buy!

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