Reviewing Pita Jungle with a Monkey Burger twist

Pita Jungle

It’s called tongs people!

Guest reviewer LaBash, which is French for wa bam, gives Pita Jungle the coveted Zero out of Zero stars. Congrats Pita Jungle on the elite status. The only way to score a zero is to, as they say, “not get the food on the plate.”

We rate them an F

By: LaBash

“I had been hearing a lot about this new restaurant in Tucson called Pita Jungle, near Craycroft on Broadway. People were raving about this place! They said that they had a bunch of different flavors of Hummus that were to die for. I love hummus and I love pita, so of course I go to try it out. I went with my mom and sister. We walk in and wait at the front for someone to seat us. It was a Saturday night; it was busy but not slammed, there were tables available. A couple minutes pass and still no one has said a word to us. Servers we scuttling around tending to their tables, we even got some of them to look at us but they would just walk away and continue on. A couple minutes turn into almost ten minutes and a long line has now formed behind us going out the door, and STILL no one has acknowledged our existence. During this long wait, I noticed some very disconcerting things. The kitchen was open and could be seen by anyone and any prospective customer. As I stand waiting, I look to the very open kitchen to see a beautiful pile of fresh baked pita when suddenly I realize the servers coming back to the kitchen and they are grabbing pita with their bare hands! Okay, first off: EW! Secondly:WTF? Thirdly: It’s called tongs people!! Lastly: I’m leaving.  Terrible service. Unsanitary. Hyped up for nothing. Therefore, instead of enjoying some pita and hummus, I walked a couple doors down from Pita Jungle to walk into Monkey Burger. BEST IDEA EVER. This place rocks. Great HUGE burgers, awesome fries, super low key, and most important, I took maybe two steps in the door and someone was there to greet me. I ordered the “Kitchen Sink” with fries and and a RC(Which by the way, no one serves RC anymore, Amazing!) It was nothing short of epic. Great service, very tasty, affordable, and better than Pita Jungle. Enough said!”


Wow!  So Labash is not a fan of Pita Jungle and does not recommend it as a place to eat in Tucson. Yuck Pita Jungle! WTF indeed!

And way to go, Monkey “best idea ever ” Burger.

Pita Jungle earns a goose egg

Service 0

Drinks We don’t know

Taste We don’t know

Price we don’t know

Labash overall rating- Fails!

Here’s a link to thier site

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