Brooklyn Pizza on 4th Ave, or I should say, Freakin Orgasmic Pizza on 4th Avenue

Brooklyn Pizza

4 out of 5

Everybody has an opinion on what kind of Pizza is best. Thick crust, thin, with sauce, olive oil only, meat, no meat, floppy, stiff, stuffed, topped, chovies, and the common change-ups – Hawaiian and BBQ Chicken .  I mean how many ways can we say, “That pizza was awesome dude!”  My personal leaning, as point of reference is a thinner yeasty crust.

I like my pizza to have magic restorative powers, to be able to survive a night in the fridge, nay not just survive, but to somehow thrive and come out in the morning better for the experience. From college days gone by and when money is short, it needs to be affordable.  I’d have paid $100 bucks for the Pizza Brooklyn Pizza served to me the other night. Another point of reference, as far as Domino’s and Pizza Hut go?  In my humble opinion, not so much Pizza as a facsimile, a clever way to keep us acclimated to mediocrity.

My fiancée and I had just snuck back into Tucson from the Alpine cabin, cutting our 8 day mountain vacation short, just ahead of the “Big Christmas Blizzard of 2010.” We were thankful to be home, and even though I missed my turn onto 78 (again) and added another hour to the trip, my fiancée’ has forgiven me (again), and we get back to our oasis in the desert.  Once unpacked with the dogs settled in, I really was an easy mark for pizza and she knew it. ‘Twas the night before New Years Eve, when what do my ears hear but a lusty, “Hey we’ve been good, let’s treat ourselves to Pizza tonight.”  Hell yeeesss, y’all.

It’s become clear that I don’t have the metabolism to be able to eat Pizza more than about once per month. So when I go for a slice or four, it’s an Event for me. Suffice to say that if you serve me a crappy pizza, it’s not a mere disappointment, it breaks my heart. Brooklyn Pizzeria did not break my heart.
The plan: Sit in Sky Bar and have a couple of adult beverages. As it happens, about ten other couples seemed to have the same plan that night. Get a little “happy, happy” going with perhaps a Jager bomb, and then order some pizza to go from Brooklyn Pizza Company on 4th Ave, next door.  Wisk the pie back to the casa for a couple more drinks, a movie, and create some pizza bones for the dogs. So after a couple of hours at Sky Bar, we ring up Brooklyn Pizza next door and place our to go order.

We ordered a half veggie, half Flatbush whole pizza. At Brooklyn you either order per slice or you go big with a whole large pizza because there are no in-between sizes. After our third adult beverage at Sky Bar, I somehow lost track of time, we realized it had been a while since we placed our pizza order and so we rang Brooklyn Pizza back up. They showed up about five minutes later, all apologies and with a bag full of these things called, “Garlic Knots” as some sort of contrition.  I’ll get to those in a minute.
Sky bar bartenders where kind of lame on this night.  We tabbed out. Hint, we tipped the very apologetic delivery from next door girl at about 30%.  The bartenders at Sky bar got two bucks. It’s not me dude, it was you.

We took the Pizza home and without dragging this out any further; it was still hot, thin crusted and hand tossed, so perfectly put together with just the right balance of ingredients that it was the best pizza ever dude! We both took one bite and just looked at each other and were like moaning, “Holy pepperoni/vegi, or which ever pizza deity you worship, is this the best pizza ever?”
The next morning I stumbled upon a bag of about 20, we hope you still love us even though we forgot about your order, Garlic Knots. I do still love you! It was our bonus bag of morning-after carbs. I ate them.  I dipped them in sauce.  I enjoyed them. Actually I was only able to down about ten of those knots of deliciousness over a two day period before the better half of me took them away. Thanks, Babe.
I don’t want to brag, but here is a hint for all of you. If you want to get lucky; first find someone that might be willing, then take them to Sky Bar for drinks and then order a pizza from Brooklyn Pizza next door.  Then take all of those things home with you.

Rating A
4 stars out of 5
A   for Effort
n/a    for Ambiance(take out)
B  for Service
A+  for the food taste
A  for the presentation(Pizza box)
C  for not somehow screwing it up, but being smart enough to whack me with a bag of free   delicious garlic knots.
Brooklyn Pizza Company goes on my list as a top pick for Tucson Eats Dinner. If you are at our site and click on “Top Picks”- these are the places that have inspired us to tell you to just take our word for it and go. Possibly the best pizza ever and I have eaten a lot of pizza.
Of note is that Brooklyn Pizza Company on 4th avenue has embraced alternative energy in a big way within their business model. They are making a difference in their community in a variety of other thoughtful ways. As many of you know, this is a local business that is truly in service to Tucson.  But the reason to go there is because they serve really, really, really good Pizza. Karma and Phoebe, the Wonderpins also enjoyed the pizza bones .

Everything you need to know is here

All Opinion, mostly mine and credit goes to my Fiancee’ for editing and saving you from my first drafts.

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  1. Warlaw
    Warlaw 13 years ago .Reply

    Gotta love the writing…sound like a cross between Bill Crosby and Julia Childs…but if I’m ever in Tucson again you have convinced me to try Brooklyn’s pizza. There’s a guy named Joe in Oklahoma City…seriously…Joe’s Pizza…that makes the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. It is mouthwatering, brings tears to your eyes good…so I’m looking for the orgasmic…mystic pizza to top er out. We’ll see. What an interesting blog. I really like the concept.

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