Famous Sams Bar

Rating F-

Or negative 5 stars out of 4

Everyone has to eat sooner or later,  so we might as well talk about it.  Agree or disagree, your replies are valued.

I want to be clear that when it comes to any kind of food( bar or fine dining), all I ask is that you take a little pride. The best hot dog I ever had came out of tiny little  county store in the middle of no where North Carolina. It cost 50 cents and even though the store was leaning to the left from being so old and the parking lot made of dirt,  the inside was clean and you could tell that the  owners did the best they could with what they had to work with.  I don’t have a problem eating food at the fair, or even observing the 3 second rule in my own kitchen. And I have eaten in the streets of third world countries. Streets I might add that I recall as cleaner than Famous Sam’s food service area.

We dropped in on the local Tucson bar and tavern chain, Famous Sams. Our goal was a beer and some chicken strips. The location is approximately at the corner of Grant and Silverbell. I always post the website and thus  the location of the restaurants I review. I am doing so this time not so you can go find the place, but so you can make sure you avoid it, at all costs.

The food was bar food and mediocre at best. We ordered the chicken fingers. I do want to say to the brain trust responsible for this place being open,  if you are going to water down your ranch dressing that much, why not just serve us skim milk? As ranch dressings go, it was disgusting.

So here is my experience and opinion:

This place gives dive bar food a bad name.
It was probably the nastiest place I have eaten a meal, ever. This includes  the three times in my life I have gotten food poisoning. I will point out that the one positive to this dining experience is that I did not get food poisoning.
What the hell? If you are going to open your doors to the public, could you show just a little pride?

What ever you do, don’t look behind the bar or into the kitchen.

By the way; to the kitchen dude cooking. Your a cook and part of the fraternity man. Just because the owner of your bar doesn’t give a rats ass, doesn’t mean you can’t take a little personal pride in the food your prepare and the overall cleanliness of the place.

And finally, what in the hell is up with the state of Arizona allowing places like this to operate. Is there no entity in charge of inspecting and protecting us from idiots with deep fryers?

If your into the kind of Russian Roulette that is worse than a bullet to the head(slow death) and you love grime on the floors, grime on the walls, grime on everything, by all means, belly up!

F  for Effort
F for Ambiance
b  for Service
C  For the food taste
C For the presentation
F— for not somehow screwing it up

My final note about the staff:  nice, the beer was cold,  the food came out of that nasty kitchen to the nasty service area very quickly. I observed the bar tender measuring her shots and charging everyone for what they ordered. In short, the staff deserves our respect. I think you know how I feel about the owner.


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  1. Britt
    Britt 13 years ago .Reply

    I have not been to this Famous Sams so I cannot comment directly, however I do have a few words. First off Famous sams is known for their sandwiches like the Hot Pastrami and the French dip. Things like the chicken strips are a side dish and they are not even required to get them from a specific vendor so they vary from location to location. I have only had the prepackaged Famous sams ranch dressing, I assume this one was not serving that if it was watered down. I will say overall they have gone down hill in the last few years and the portions have gotten much smaller. The last one to have great food was the original on 29th that closed a few years ago.

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