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3 out of 5 stars

After driving by this place a dozen times, saying, “We should try that!” we finally stopped in on Friday, around 7:30 p.m., after their happy hour had run its course, with many apparently deciding to make it an evening of it.

Trident Grill consists of a single large room with lots of TV’s, tables, and oversized booths around the edges.  True to the name, it’s a grill with a serious bar and holds a lot of people.

First impressions are that it’s a college bar full of frat boys in baseball caps and girls rockin’ the whole “look at me attitude” with everybody looking around to see who is watching them.  Man I miss being the voyeur in my own bar watching people do what they do.  I should have gotten an honorary psych degree.

Refreshingly, the entire staff seemed to take the packed house in stride.  None of that disappearing for twenty minutes only to return empty handed with nothing but apologies.  Our waitress was bustin’ ass and got our food out to us quick and never let the drinks go empty. She even held eye contact!  Made all the difference.  She BOTH was serving our table and looking to get a good tip.  It worked.  Important note:  We recognize that the person who actually was responsible for our food coming out so timely was the oft- overlooked player called the shift cook. Good job all around.

Fish and Chips at Trident Grill

Trident Fish and Chips

And The Food.  In case you didn’t know, a “trident” is the three pronged sword wielded by the sea god Poseidon.  We didn’t register that bit of trivia at the time, and so the seafood dominated culinary theme was a surprise to us.  I ordered the fish n’ chips and Hot Stuff (that’s my wife) ordered a sandwich.  Her sandwich was huge and tasted pretty good even though the bottom got soggy and it fell apart, both pet peeves of mine. I thought the fish n’ chips were fresh and were clearly handmade.  But, as far as taste, they missed the mark for me being a bit under-seasoned.  Hot Stuff disagreed and thought both her sandwich and my meal deserved a better rating.

The ambiance is college sports bar extraordinaire with a mix of customers. The feel is open with tons of tables and lots of good food choices on the menu. The service is better than average and the drinks are great.

Although the place is by its nature and design very loud, it’s also very loud because it’s so full of people that obviously love Trident Grill.

We will be going back and recommend you try out this decade-old Tucson favorite.

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  1. Dubs
    Dubs 12 years ago .Reply

    Trident is a cool place to hang, great drinks and beer selection and good food. The menu may be seafood dominated, but it’s not exactly a theme restaurant. In this case, the Trident actually represents the Navy Seals, as the bar’s owner and many of it’s patrons are active Seals who come through town every so often for training.
    I have not tried the fish, can’t comment on the cuisine, but I do know enough not to start a fight in there, that’s for sure.

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