5 Points Market Restaurant

5 Points Market and Restaurant

On the recommendation of our friend, Jen Eldred, whose taste for great food and inside knowledge regarding Tucson has led us to so many awesome Tucson restaurants, new and old alike, we all met over at 5 Points Market and Restaurant for an 11 a.m. brunch. By “we,” I mean friends and parents, a party of 10 in all.

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On our first visit, we found a deliciously unique Tucson restaurant hosting an outstanding brunch.

The first thing you will notice at 5 Points is that the dining space gives off a charged-up-on-good-coffee sort of vibe. Everyone is awake! And as you give yourself over to the café-style, artsy, raw-brick feel of the dining space you immediately get a sense of the connection 5 Points Market is fostering between what is available in their own fresh produce market and the food served to their customers.

Simply put, the menu is fresh and light, and yet also robust and hearty. Imagine, as a restaurant owner or cook, being able to take three steps from behind your line and ending up in a fresh market with all of your ingredients just waiting for you. I think it’s an awesome concept to marry the ingredients used by the cooks to a fresh market concept. In other words, if it’s good enough for the restaurant, why not let the customers shop the same ingredients and produce for their own benefit!

5 Points’ chef and owners are combining super fresh ingredients in creative ways.

5 Points makes someone like me want to eat their way through the menu one plate at a time. So far I am two dishes into the brunch menu and the same for lunch.

Every plate during brunch stood out, so I am going to pick two of my favorites: the Breakfast Toast, which comes with a side salad; and the Bandito Blanco.

The Breakfast Toast plate is a combo of egg-over-medium on toast which is slathered in 5 Points’ own Chianti jelly. And then to blow your mind, they add a side salad featuring their perfect version of a citrus vinaigrette.

5 Points BreakfastWhile intrigued, I initially decided to pass on the “salad on a breakfast plate” concept because, well, salad. Fortunately, others at the table showed no such restraint and ordered the heck out of it. So I begged a bite or possibly three. It was amazing, it was original, and it struck my inner chef as something I’d never imagined would work, which is why I initially resisted. Salad with breakfast? What the heck, right? But if you think about it, the salad only benefits from the cross-over sweetness of the jelly. Add fat from the over-easy egg and what you end up with is a little jelly toast-salad-egg slathered all together nirvana-style on a plate. Wry and playful. I have a lusty, I-could-eat-this-every-morning kind of love for that dish, I tell ya.

And now for something equally original, the Bandito Blanco. Instead of trying to explain it, I’m just going to paste in their description. Before I do, I’d like to add that this dish informs what healthy, robust cooking can be. Picture the following stacked and perfectly balanced:

5 points BreakfastMustard potato pancake, grilled shaved ham, poached eggs, house Mornay sauce, pico de gallo, and fresh herbs. BOOM!


5 Points Tucson CoffeeThen, combine all of the above with locally-sourced coffee beans from Café Aqui, along with organic milk in all of their espresso drinks, and you end up with, in the words of Buckwheat ala SNL 1982, at “a whole-nubba-lebal” of brunch.


In the end, you will probably wind up fighting us for a table there on occasion. If you are looking for a place to take family or to treat yourself, or just want a morning boost, we highly recommend 5 Points Market and Restaurant. It’s Tucson, it’s original, and it is for sure a keeper.

I’d call them medium-priced. The service, good. The coffee, excellent. The space, excellent. The food, excellent if not addicting. The music cool and tattooed wait staff, sexy. Not the guys because that would be weird. Not that there anything wrong with being weird.

Everything they want you to know about them is HERE at their website.

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