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Sawmill Run Mt. Lemmon- Cooking with Altitude

This is a last minute trip up Mt Lemmon which includes jumping on our Victory motorcycle and then ends with eating a great breakfast.   Met up with our new friend Shanna (Harley chick rider) at the base, gathered up Lisa Mae (rock climber and Mt. Lemmon guide extraordinaire), and headed towards cooler temps and, as I said, a really good breakfast. Since the trip also turned into a food run to Sawmill Run located in Summer Haven, I thought I’d post  a quick review. It is the kind of place where, in the heat of a Tucson Summer, you can escape and grab breakfast or lunch, down a brew and cool off, and take in a deep deep cool breath of mountain air. 40 minutes from our 106 degree and reluctant summer monsoons as I write this, I’m thinking about going again right now. It’s probably about 70 degrees up there. Tucson Eats Dinner at Sawmill This was mine and Ali’s (my hot biker babe) second visit to Sawmill Run. Once for lunch and again today for breakfast. Looking back on that first trip for lunch a couple of months ago, I’d like to begin with giving them props for serving an awesome BBQ sandwich. The Pork Sandwich was a real treat. Perfectly balanced sauce, juicy pork, a nice little smattering of fresh made coleslaw, and all of it piled on a bun made for the task of holding all that deliciousness. It was excellent.  It is perhaps one of the best in the greater Tucson area.  Served on perfect bread, piled high with slow cooked pulled pork it does what pork should do, which is, make you want to take another bite until it’s gone. While their sauce is a little sweeter than I prefer,



Sawmill Run’s version of pulled pork is a good reason to get your butt up to Summer Haven. And, if you can get out of bed early enough, there is an excellent breakfast waiting for you. Which takes us to….. Tucson Eats Dinner in Summer HavenSitting out on the porch under the umbrellas’ in the morning sun you can expect the kitchen at Sawmill Run to send out a fresh and flavorful, or if you prefer,  bold breakfast. The table ordered a Ruben style of a breakfast sandwich, a brisket hash, a traditional breakfast of bacon and eggs along with an Andouille sausage stuffed breakfast burrito.  It was all hearty mountain breakfast fare. The eggs where perfectly prepared with hash browns made from real potatoes containing intermittent crunchy’s. The bacon was substantial, none of that see through floppy adjacent bacon, and the splurge on the Biscuits and gravy was well worth the calories.




My potato hash with bits of brisket was in and of itself a good reason to go to Summer Haven. Some additional thoughts: When traveling up or down the mountain in a car and you see a bright light in your rear view, it’s not god, it’s me, please get the heck out of the way. I’m either hungry and on the way up or having fun on the way down. In either instance, move over. Sawmill Run Summer Haven’s Sawmill Run . Excellent. With a mountain chateau vibe, they’ve lots of tables inside and out, excellent service, and I’ve only scratched the service here. Do yourself a favor and get out of the heat and enjoy a great meal in Summer Haven. Yes they have a website. https://www.sawmillrun.com/

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