47 Scott- located at 47 Scott Tucson

I’ve seen it compared to the shotgun style café’s you find in Greenwich Village. It’s a long room that has been treated like a canvas. Understated, almost sparse, and sophisticated without having sticks up their bums. Note, I had a “crusty bread and olive oil moment,” and you will too.
Located in Tucson’s Downtown district, this restaurant gives a pleasant understated first impression, is very well staffed, and is unique on enough levels that I’m pretty comfortable with endorsing them as a Tucson-Must-Go. Take your wallet. Take enough to tip because you’re going to get waited on and when you ask a question about the food, your kitchen liaison is going to have an answer. That’s right, I said kitchen liaison. You heard it here first and that phrase now belongs to Tucson. Right now I am seeing if “kitchenliason.com” is taken!
We ordered well. I went with a blackened catfish with sides of black and green beans. My compatriot went for the Crispy Polenta Cakes. They arrived topped with Spaghetti String Squash and keeping up the doubling theme of bean on bean, they added braised squash to the polenta.

Though my beans were a little tepid and under seasoned, the catfish was as a good of a piece of fish I have ever had the pleasure of eating, anywhere. Anytime that I’m in the middle of the desert in Tucson, and I get knocked over by a chef that can really cook a piece of fish, it’s a good day.
The Polenta was crispy, which is no small feat, and was not oily at all. Combined with the buttery texture of the Spaghetti squash, it was more than irresistibly darling…it was divine! No really. It was delicate and congruently hearty and so I kept begging for a taste. I also appreciate when a vegetarian dish is complex enough that the end result is just plain delicious.
We had drinks. My lovely fiancée tried the house special “vagabond” which was kind of a soft margarita with a crazy good finish. I like spiced rum which they don’t carry, and though I can’t remember what it was I was given in its stead,  it was a top shelf rum and coke and possibly the best of my life. (I used to be a bar owner).
Our wait person/kitchen liaison was attentive and knowledgeable about the menu, got our check to us, but was a bit to slow on the uptake when it came to our drinks. I still think she was very good.

4 out of 5
Rating A-
A   for Effort
A   for Ambiance
A-   for Service
A-  for the food taste
A  for the presentation
A+ for not somehow screwing it up (this is my own special rating category).

In my opening, I blew by the crusty little loaf of bread that we ordered. It was grilled so that it had undertones of steak which was awesome. When dipped in the house olivy olive oil……sublime. Take a date and dress upscale casual.
Everything you need to know is at their website: http://www.47scott.com/

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