A Steak In the Neighborhood on Congress, Tucson AZ

A Steak in the Neighborhood

We rate them a 4 out of 5 or B+

It is what the name implies. A place that pays homage to steak and it’s a neighborhood kind of restaurant and bar.
We stopped in early evening when one of our regular haunts next door had no space for us at their bar. Dropping in on A Steak in the Neighborhood turned out to be more than just a pleasant diversion and has since turned into a habit. By the way, that is one of the most honest complements that I can give a restaurant and staff. Your food and employees have made me want to return out of habit.
Once you get past the nondescript outside entrance on Congress, you walk into an open, comfortably upscale modern and spacious restaurant with a small bar. I like it when care and imagination is taken to design a place so that the kitchen and dining room are integrated and so it is at A Steak in the Neighborhood, and we diners get the benefit of a straight look in to the chef’s world as they prepare our meal.

It’s located in what I see as sort of a developing compendium of really great places to eat downtown that are all in the 47 Scott area. If you wonder down there, and you should, you’ll find medium scale great pizza like Empire Pizza, places like A Steak in the Neighborhood that are affordable upscale, and then the chef driven and slightly more expensive 47 Scott style of lowbrow upscale dining, and all of them have created excellent spaces to be in with great food and staff.
The first night we stumbled upon them, we sat at the bar and shared the Tapas Platter. Like most tapas platters, you get what the chef decides to add to these things and on that night, as they say in kitchen vernacular, he threw the kitchen sink at us. It was in a word, fantastic. So as we sat there and with the staff being so friendly, the drinks so good, the appetizer so delicious we decided we had to come back and try a full on meal. Flash forward a few days. We drop in for lunch and tried a couple of their sandwiches. I had the Primo, which is a highbred of a Philly cheese steak. While I am a huge fan of steak and cheese sandwiches, I am not a fan of cheese wiz. So the primo looks like this: shaved filet and rib eye with Provolone and White American cheeses, shaved lettuce, raw onions, tomatoes topped with house Italian dressing and mufflatta mix. It comes in at 8 bucks, is served on the perfect bread for a Philly Steak style sandwich and was pretty darn good. I ordered a side of fries, which were perfect. Overall on a scale of 1 to 5, my sandwich was a solid 4. As I tore into my sandwich I got a nice taste of juicy steak along with the undertone of the olive based mufflatta  and the hot melted cheese, which needed the onions to be raw in order to stand up to the rest of the sandwich viagra homme prix. By the way, they’ve got a source for the secret bread you need in order to make a philly style sandwich great.

My better half (which we get to call my wife now!) tried the BBQ Beef sandwich and I quote. “You know I don’t order beef very often and when I do, I appreciate it when a sandwich tastes as good as that one.” Need we say more?

So their selection of entrees has variety, includes much more than just the sandwiches with steak and the menu is posted at their website for you to check out. The restaurant itself is beautiful and slightly upscale but still casual. Great place for lunch or dinner, to have a business lunch or to bring a date. Good food, wonderful atmosphere, staff is on top of it, prices are really good. GO! Eat! Enjoy. Oh yeah, good bar too! Frank is great though his hockey playing skills are questionable.

Everything you need to know is at http://www.asteakintheneighborhood.com/

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    Please note their Summer Hours are limited during the week!

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