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Tucson’s Best Asian: 3 Top Picks I was thinking about my next blog when one of our Facebook fans asked, “What’s the best place for Chinese/Asian in Tucson?”

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For out top pick- Chinese – Keep on reading.

Frankly, I was thankful they opened the door to address the larger scope of “Asian” food, because when it comes to Chinese, I often end up in a limited conversation which dead-ends in “buffet.” Truth be told, for me your typical Chinese fare, buffet or not, is just too heavy and often relies on a single note which gets boring as quick as an Adele song. And like Adele’s music, I’m over that single-note, it-all-tastes-like-Grandma’s, good ole, deep-fried, down-home tone of every song/meal. “Heavy on the garlic or master sauce, with a ton of sugar and a lot of overcooked middle-of-the road meat” is what I too often think of when I think Chinese food. So with that in mind, let’s talk about the broader spectrum of Asian food in Tucson.

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For the  best Chinese in Tucson (Sort of)(Tucson Adjacent)- 4.5 stars out of 5


You have to shoot up I-10 and get off at Cartaro Road, go left to find ChopStix’s in Marana.  Be aware there’s a second one in Tucson and while they may have once shared ownership,  you must go to the Marana location if you want get some of the best Chinese influenced food in Tucson, or anywhere, for that matter.

For the best Chinese near Tucson: Chopstix

I like–as in really love–Chopstix, because the chef’s and the restaurant’s take on Oriental Asian cuisine relies on melding together a variety of influences. Think “best of” ingredients, Asian cooking techniques, and recipes that combine traditional, perfectly-prepared Chinese fare and flair with modern twists, and you get Chopstix. I’m a fan of their version of Pad Thai Chicken, Singapore Curry Rice Noodles, and anything that ends in “Vegetable Delight”—but in all honesty, I’ve liked or really liked almost everything I’ve ever ordered from their menu. Inside scoop: their “War Wonton” soup, like every soup on their menu, is outstanding. Just like the main dish offerings found throughout the menu, each soup features a modern twist. Starting from your original idea—how you might think the soup should be constructed, and how you might think it should taste, from a traditionalist’s point of view—it then gets taken to a different level through the imagination of the chef. High marks to the house wings, too. Chopstix has a bar, and the decor is take-your-date-worthy. Wait staff are always good, and the place breathes “friendly” as soon as you walk in the door. It can be busy. Not sure if they take reservations.

You can find Chopstix in Marana and online at

This is part of our Best of Asian in Tucson Posts– to see the other posts you can go here for Vietnamese

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