Blue Fin Seafood Bistro

Rating A ++

Or 4 stars out of 4

Everyone has to eat sooner or later,  so we might as well talk about it.  Agree or disagree, your replies are valued.

OK so wu wu! Or I should say Mahi encrusted Mahi! The Blue Fin was the most fun I have had eating a meal out, anywhere, anytime, ever.   If you are into asking for waiters, you should ask for Sean. If you’ve never been to the Blue Fin, it sits back in a  high end strip of high end stores on Oracle- west side baby! I suggest you gleefully bring your wallet and someone who cares about food. I did.

I got the call around 2pm today from the most beautiful girl in the world, who also happens to be my fiancee’.   In between her telling me, “I’m  heading to a doctor  appointment” and my :I gotta go here and there,”  I asked her out on a date. She stopped talking for just a sec to say yes and smiled. When you’ve been adventuring and enjoying food together for four years, you don’t need an actual app to get that your fiancee’ is smiling through the phone.

We didn’t set out for the Blue Fin. Around 6pm we got it together and left the house to go to that “Caribbean place” over on Oracle, which ended up actually being that “Peruvian Place” on Oracle.  All I can say is that the poor Peruvian place tried to exist in the shadow of their neighbor who once served me a really bad meal.  So in some twist of raw bizzaro fate,  the Peruvian Place  had gone out of business instead of the bad Thai place.

So we jumped in the car and headed up Oracle on a quest and after blowing by two alternative places we executed a U-turn, spotted Blue Fin. Lets try it.

The Blue Fin, tucked away and with a secret upstairs dining room, welcomed us with open arms. We climbed the broad wooden staircase behind our host and walked into a warm inviting dining room and were seated at a table by the window with the Catalina’s  in the background. Warm and relaxed would be a good way of putting it.

My partner in crime had a Cosmo, which was her perfect segue into her Encrusted Mahi. I ordered the Pacific Escaroles with Risotto  atop Spinach, as they say, which was one of two “special of the evening” choices.

I tried hers, she tried mine- the meals, the imagination, the chef and/or talented line cook was on their game. I seriously enjoyed the meal and the restaurant clearly enjoys the support of their own staff and management. On rare occasions the Chef, the manager, and the owner are able to develop the kind of staff that is running the Blue Fin. Passionate about the food, looking you in the eye and wanting a truthful reply to, “how’s your dinner?”; kept the water glass full and if I even thought about maybe wanting or needing something from Sean the waiter, either Sean appeared or one of his several minions. About half way through the meal I realized it’s about their passion and if you get a spectacular meal in the process, more power too ya. Hey did I mention the drinks, mine a Captain and Coke, were perfect?

We tried a nice little half bottle of white wine, I should probably take notes at these things and we dove head first into a Key Lime and white Chocolate tort for dessert. It was Thursday and the pastry/desert chef was clearly well rested. Light and airy, a beautiful desert and ending.

We showed up at sunset, the dining room 1/3 full and the bar pretty easy going. We choose the dining room. If you have ever been there you know there is indoor and outside dining. The same is true for the bar with an indoor/outdoor space.

We took it easy, no salads or appetizers, a half bottle of wine, and a couple of cocktails, and the bill was about $100 for two. Considering dining experience and great food- I feel we made out pretty good.  At time of writing, I can not tell you if I got lucky or not,   which is the true measure of a good meal for most of us adults.

A  for Effort
A for Ambiance
A  for Service
A  For the food taste
A For the presentation
A+ for not somehow screwing it up

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Notes to the restaurant: I do not understand why I can not get steamed oysters in Tucson. We both know that coastal towns are serving oysters flown in from Texas farms. Please,  for  the sake of all that is sacred and has to do with steamed oysters on the half shell and cocktail sauce with saltine crackers,  would you please fix this?  Build it, an aw shucks, and I literally mean ” aw shucking,” we will come.

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