Choice Greens on Speedway

“Choice Greens” which I think used to be Chopped, on Speedway.
We stopped in for Lunch on a Monday.

Everyone has to eat sooner or later,  so we might as well talk about it.  Agree or disagree, your replies are valued.

Rating A+
5 stars out of 5

Crap, I’ll never get in the place again.

Right now I am on a high protein low-carb regime. That means that salads and any soup which is not creamy is my friend! If you pay attention, you will be amazed at how hard it is to find non-creamy soups. I travel as part of my living so I am about as burned out on Chicken Caesar salads as a man can get. Nonetheless, at the behest of the most beautiful girl in the world, my Fiancée, I acquiesced and went to a place that is ostensibly a salad and sandwich place called,  “Choice.”   Arrrrrr!!  Not another Salad.  I’ve been there before and had one of their sandwiches and as sandwiches go, it was good.  Nothing memorable but good. Apparently I was not paying attention the first time.

The premise of Choice is that you get to “choose 5 things” that go in your salad and you have complete control over your choices (go figure). They chop it up, mix it, and send it out to your table.

1) Your salad arrives in a cooled real plate! (no plastic)
2) Includes a metal fork (it’s as if the person that created the place actually eats there)
3) What I ordered actually showed up! (Not a given)
4) It comes out fast and delicious.

I ordered a salad and the vegi-vegetable soup.  Both were prepared as close to perfect as I could ask for. The lettuce, I chose romaine, was fresh, and the bacon real, and all ingredients absolutely fresh and crunchy.

The soup arrived hot and full of flavor and was as good as it gets.

Suggestions for improvement? They need more parking, but I don’t see how they can fix that. Otherwise don’t change a thing.  The place is packed at lunch and I will wait in line or time my lunch early/late.

By the way, to the one lady at the four top reading the book. When you are in a packed restaurant with people in line and you’ve completed your meal  and the staff has been by three times to clean everything off the four top you have tied up, as one person, and you pull out your novel and start reading?  That makes you an asshole that doesn’t get a hint.  People needed a place to sit and the restaurant needs the income from that table. You suck! Get present and have a little courtesy.

I will go back to Choice and may even crave this place from time to time.  The staff was on top of it, made eye contact and seemed to like the place where they worked.  I’ll bet they eat there too.

The only reason that they do not get 5 out of 5 is because their service model is; you order at the counter and they bring it out.  I can’t give a five for service because of a model that excludes my being waited on.  Wait. OK, I give them 5 out of 5.  Taking the waitress/waiter out of the model is an intentional stroke of genius, and  insures that a complicated and very “choice” driven process doesn’t get lost in the translation.

Against my better judgment because you will probably start going there and I won’t be able to get in, here is all you need to know about finding the place.  Go, I highly recommend it.

I think they are open for Lunch and Dinner and have two Tucson locations.

A  for Effort
A for Ambiance
A for Service – But an A for the waitress.
A  for the food taste
B+ for the presentation
AAA  for not somehow screwing it up

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This review reflects my personal opinion and experience of the place.

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