Greek House

Greek House on Speedway

Greek House on Speedway

4 1/2 Star Rating

4.5 out of 5


Billing themselves as Authentic Greek Fast Food, this week’s review is about the Greek House, on Speedway Blvd here in Tucson, AZ.

Beginning with opening day a few months ago, we’ve been three times now. During our most recent lunchtime visit, I grabbed the gyro sandwich combo with fries and a drink, and Ali, the gyro salad.

First observation: Not a single backward-facing baseball cap to be seen. Given the name, I was relieved not to have to pledge or do a keg stand. It’s just a great sandwich place.

Above all, for me to think a gyro sandwich is perfect, the following must be true. It’s got to grab me by the taste buds and make me want more until it’s gone. As in, “I know I don’t need the rest of this, but damn the guilt, this is about to disappear in my belly.” And Greek House’s gyro sandwich nails it.

Greek HouseFresh and delicious gyro meat, crispy lettuce, and fresh chopped tomatoes all come together with the perfect amount of tzatziki and feta cheese to make this a destination sandwich. Everything is wrapped in a grill-toasted pita bread that is slightly crispy and deliciously chewy at the same time. Pair this with an ample amount of perfectly crisped fries and you have yourself one hell of a gyro combo, dude. This is a seriously good sandwich. And check out the picture for what I mean when I say “perfectly crisped” fries.



Greek House TucsonYou can still enjoy all of the above and go a little lighter by ordering the Greek House’s gyro salad. Again, fresh and crispy ingredients topped with savory gyro meat, slow cooked and seasoned to perfection, make the salad almost as irresistible as the sandwich. Even better, my wife was able to swipe a few “guilt-free” fries off my plate and keep all five fingers.

All gyros are not created equal. Greek House’s are a step above. Located on Speedway next to 1701 Pizza, lunch for two was $20. Close enough to the university to be awesome if-you- know-what-I- mean munchy food, it’s a locally owned fast food joint that is delivering big taste for a small price.

Honorable mention to the young woman behind the counter – she was a breath of fresh air. Made eye contact, was quick to take our order, and was a temptress of all things baklava. She highlights what it means to be in service even when it’s just a fast food place.

We highly recommend Greek House for a quick and tasty lunch or dinner.

Everything they want you to know about them is here

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