Mr. An's Japanese Steakhouse

Mr. An’s Japanese Steakhouse Teppan Steak, Sushi, & Seafood

Mr. An’s Japanese Steakhouse: Teppan Steak, Sushi, & Seafood

3.5 Stars of 5

I can’t tell you the last time I was in a Japanese steakhouse, yet for some reason, a few nights ago, we decided to stop in at Mr. An’s Teppan Steak, Sushi, & Seafood on Oracle Road.

Mr. An's Japanese Steak house FIRE!!

Actually, “for some reason” is easily explained, as we are both on the HCG diet and were looking for a dining option that would provide lots of protein with vegetables. It may also bear mentioning that it’s not easy to go out for dinner when you are on a limited-option food regime and trying to avoid all your favorite haunts, not to mention the calories in bourbon and Jaeger.

We ordered the “Surf and Turf” teppanyaki—grilled shrimp with an upgrade (from a standard New York Strip) to Filet Mignon for the steak. And even though we are currently avoiding rice and all things rice-related, I had a few bites of my fried rice side. It was, in a word, meh. The steak and shrimp were meh, and we hungrily gobbled down the griddle-top seared vegetables, which were…also meh.

I ordered some salmon and tuna nigiri as well, and both were pretty good – but again, on a scale of 1-10, they ranked a meh.

Highlights of the evening? Excellent service and a not-bad “show at the griddle,” as we decided to buy into the Japanese steakhouse vibe. The meal also came with something called “Mr An’s teppan soup,” which was absolutely outstanding.

Mr. An's Teppan Soup

I wish I could brag about the rest of the food, or how great the filet and shrimp were, or how that one bite of fried rice was sublime. (My wife claims I may have had as many as seven bites of that forbidden rice, but we all know she was loopy from that single glass of wine – first one on the diet in three weeks). But it was possibly the most bland, unimaginative fried rice I’ve ever had, including my own early attempts at fried rice in my youth.

If you read reviews on Yelp or Urban Spoon, you’ll find that the bulk of them include complaints about price versus portion, and what you get. Not me, I’m OK with the prices, but if you want to charge at the upper end, you need to deliver at the upper end.

Our meal price included an upgrade of $4 per person for the best cut of steak, the filet mignon, and we also paid the extra $2 per person to have our rice fried – a cumulative 24% increase. If you are looking for someplace fun to take your kids, or possible an easy way to gather the family around to celebrate grandma’s birthday, and are willing to spend approximately $30 (at a minimum) per head, then maybe this place is for you.

8 pieces of nigiri, 2 teppanyaki dinner entrees, a glass of wine: $96. Happy to pay, not happy with the level of the food I was served.

Pass on the Japanese Steak House experience – forever. But the bar looked interesting and they do serve Sushi- I might go back for that.

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