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Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink

Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink Tucson

Located in the downtown neighborhood near Congress Hotel, we stopped in for Lunch at Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink. It was our second visit in 3 months and the first thing I want to point out is how much I appreciate servers that know the menu, are attentive, and help the meal just glide by. It was that way on the first visit and today’s waiter was, if any thing, even better than the last. Thanks Jimmy.

5 out of 5  Some of the best in Tucson food.

We ordered the meatball sandwich, Caesar salad, and the Arugula and Prosciutto pizza.
Reilly Tucson Dining

Someone in the Reilly kitchen at some point had a great idea. “We should morph the pizza dough so we end up with bread for the meatball sandwich.”

And with that stroke of chewy, but not too chewy even though I thought it was a little chewy at first but I changed my mind,  kind of genius they had me .

Reilly Pizza ArugalaAnd then, as if the meatball sandwich  wasn’t enough, they brought out the pizza.  It was a perfect blend of crispy crust + arugula + proscuitto + mozzarella  + fontina +lemon + parmigiana.  The fontina turned out to be a stroke of genius. Think salad on a pizza balanced with pork. Did not want to stop.

Mrs. Kitchen Liaison ordered the Caeser Salad. Which gets the Best Caesar Salad ever, because it featured Reilly’s warm polenta croutons and was topped by micro bladed curly cues of Parmesan. WARM Hand Made POLENTA Croutons, People!  It was rounded by a Caesar dressing which was a fresh and back to the roots Reilly version of a light anchovy dressing. Absolutely awesome.

Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink Caesar Salad
And so back to the meatball sandwich. At first you’re like, that bread is too tough, and then your like, no, it’s not. And then half the sandwich is gone. Addictive. Perfect meatballs, tangy sauce, strips of fresh herbs and all in a perfect balance. Messy in a good way. I can’t stop thinking about it.
Reilly’s is an open modern space, with high ceilings and a cool vibe. At lunch and for happy hour you’ll find professionals from the downtown area enjoying a drink and the relaxed Tucson upscale (flip flops and shorts are fine too) atmosphere.

They have, and rightfully so, adopted the term “Craft” as a part of their name. It is reflected in the atmosphere and the food.

Reilly craft Pizza and Drink! Yes!

If you are seeking to try the best restaurants Tucson, AZ. has to offer,  Reilly’s should be a must try on your list.

And because the glass of tea they brought to the table was a perfect glass of iced black tea, Reilly gets the coveted and rare 5 out 5 form the Kitchen Liaisons. I can’t count a single thing against them. Perfect food and service.

P.S- the meatball sandwich is only on the lunch menu.

DO THIS! Wanna have fun one day right after work?

Reilly’s for 2 amaro apparitions (think rum and gingerbeer) and an order of Arancini (think little fried balls of rosotto with a perfect crust) + tip the bartender generously and then head around the corner for a vodka lemon lime or an old fashioned paired with an order of Prosper’s pork belly sliders.

You’re welcome.

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