How We Think

As the name implies, Tucson Eats Dinner does indeed eat dinner, and lunch, and breakfast. We also love to go out for small plates and share and have been known to frequent a bar or two during our quest for good food and great times with friends.  If a six-course bourbon pairing in your back yard appeals to you, then as the saying goes, we might be brothers from another mother. Tucson Eats Dinner also travels, so don’t be surprised to see posts from other places.

A little background

We don’t post as often as maybe we should at the website so you may want to follow us on Instagram, facebook, or twitter. Most people refer to me as an Ex Chef. I guess I can accept that moniker, but frankly, in some ways, it makes me uncomfortable. While I did once own a  couple of places, and I also earned my living cooking and running kitchens (not here in Tucson, I have not cooked as a professional for more than a decade. To those who put their heart and soul into standing on concrete floors for 16 hours a day in professional kitchens, I am nothing but a glorified good cook with a website, and that’s OK too. Whether you are part of the prep crew, a line cook, the Sous chef, mop the floors, or “the Chef, you get nothing but respect from me.

What you can expect

I am interested in all things food. My posts could include promoting recipes which I find on other blogs or that I create/test in my own kitchen. I will talk about local cuisine and restaurants and really appreciate it when others comment, even if it’s to disagree. Cooking is all about good vibes and shared experiences. It’s about self-care and breaking bread. It’s about another round of Jager before we break off and go back to our own little worlds.  

Community support and requests- Please do not offer me free food

I get all sorts of requests to repost announcements from companies whose job it is to promote new ventures. If you would like me to come by and try out your restaurant, all you have to do is ask. I don’t want anything for free or any special treatment in return for my visit. And in fact, I want to pay! When you give away your product, it devalues your work and skews my ability to be honest with you and the public about your food. It is OK to send something extra to the table for me to taste if you like, but, likely, you will not know I am even there until after the meal. If then.

Let us know about your local events, and we’ll try to echo them in our social media when appropriate. The more local you are, and if there is a “point” to your new venture, the more likely we will respond. Bringing yet another chain donut place or “burger” to town is pointless. Our email is I will respond with a questionnaire.

Love being a Tucsonian

By the way, I call Tucson home because it is. Been here for 11 years but my roots are from the South. I am from Eastern North Carolina Y’all, and you are from the South West, and therefore I consider us all to be “southern” from another mother.