Grills Gone Wild! 2011- Tucson AZ

We are totally psyched to be the Title Sponsers for this years 2nd annual BBQ Rib cooking contest.
I’ll post where you can buy tickets along with more details.

Saturday, May 7 · 1:00pm – 7:00pm

Morris K Udall Regional Park – Ramada #5 and #6

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Taste on!

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  1. Jobe Repola
    Jobe Repola 13 years ago .Reply

    Paul… great to have you on board as the title sponsor AND contestant or GRILLS GONE WILD 2011… should be a great event, great prizes and wonderful entertainment. We should have a few more details up soon. Thanks again and btw, you need to quite writing and do your blog with video… maybe even on location, I can help with this and it would be a blast!

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